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New Member Forms

If you are interested in becoming a member of ACC please speak with the office staff and we will arrange a New Member Orientation.  Additionally, if you would like to fill out the forms ahead of time, please click on this link, print the form and, when it’s complete, return it to the office.


Faith Formation Enrollment Form

Each year we ask parents/guardians to fill out a new enrollment form for our records.  Please click on this link, print the form and, when it’s complete, return it to the church.


Sharon Neppl Scholarship Application

Each year ACC awards scholarships to students based on need and promise from a fund generously set up by Sharon Neppl.  Applications are accepted February- April and scholarships are awarded in May.  Please follow this link, print the form and, when it’s complete, return it to the church office.


Stewardship 2019

Dear Friends;

Have you ever been about to go to visit a friend and thought, “What shall we bring?”  As a southern-raised boy we never went “empty-handed” to visit neighbors, relatives, or really anyone.  Maybe your upbringing was the same.

Our Stewardship Growth Theme for 2018 is “What Shall We Bring.”  It comes from the Biblical encounter between God and God’s people when God challenges them to regular, consistent, sacrificial giving for God’s work in the community and the world.  It challenged them to change their perspective.  As we explore this phrase together in November’s worship I hope it will remind us all of God’s consistent, sacrificial giving to us, and to think and act on what it inspires us to do in response.

I hope you will join me in making a commitment to regular, consistent, and sacrificial giving to show how much you will give to support our church’s missions and ministries in 2019.  Your commitment card is so important because without it we have to guess at what missions and ministries we can carry out.  Even if you have never filled one out before we want to especially ask you to do so this year.  You can always change your level of giving if your ability to give changes, we understand and can adjust.  But your commitment card really helps us plan.

Then, we invite you to celebrate with us at our Annual All-Church Thanksgiving and Stewardship Celebration lunch, Sunday, November 18, 2018 after our 10:30 worship service.

Your Commitment Card is included in this mailing.  Please return your commitment card by Sunday, November 18 either in Sunday worship or by mail. There is a chart on the back of this letter to help you as you decide what percentage you want to give.

Thank you in advance for your commitment to God, to the ministry and mission of Arlington Congregational Church and to sharing the love of God through your giving!

Blessings in Christ,

Dr. Bruce Havens

& Stewardship Ministry Team


Pledge Card 2019